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First Nations Efforts to Mitigate Covid-19
Notice to Clayoquot Connections from BC Parks 09/06/19
Notice from BC Parks; Sept 6/19
Notice from BC Parks; Sept. 6/19
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First Nations Efforts to Mitigate Covid-19

To mitigate the transmission of Covid-19 in Clayoquot Sound Ahousat First Nations has closed access to their Territories for at least the remainder of 2020.  This means that Clayoquot Connections will not be providing transport to the Lone Cone Trail or to Vargas Island fro the foreseeable future.                                                                                                                                                                                    Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation's Territory is currently open.  That gives Clayoquot Connections access to Tofino Harbour, the waters immediately outside of Tofino and the inlets East and South-East of Tofino.  With that we are able to; hike the Big Tree Trail, do catch & release Family Fishing, do Sunset & Harbour Tours, and to access the Inlets SE of Tofino for both Bear and Whale Watching                                                                                                                                                                                      Take Care & Be Safe !

BC Parks Wolf Info

Wolf Advisory – August 10th, 2013
Over this past week BC Parks has received numerous reports of close wolf encounters on Vargas Island.
A number of these reports indicate that one or more animal(s) is habituated and is looking for human food.
At this time it is imperative that all people going to Vargas Island be extremely mindful with how they store their food at night or during the day if camp is un-occupied. Food left unattended for even a brief time can be enough to entice wolves that are already highly habituated to people.

Big & Small Porpoises in Tofino Harbour

Write your post here.  A pod of Orcas passed through Tofino's harbour at noon today.  Guests on their way to the Meares Island Big Tree Trail had a real treat viewing the largest members of the Porpoise family shortly before entering the rain-forest for an unforgettable hiking experience.  Guests on the next cruise had a pleasant surprise when a pair of Harbour Porpoise (the second smallest members of the Porpoise family) surfaced close to the boat.

Harour Blog

There's a dead sea-lion on the beach a few kilometres East of the harbour.  A number of wolves have been seen feeding on its carcass.  Most days this time of year bald eagles are all over the place in the harbour, however, lately they have been a little scarce around Tofino in the mid-day; I think they're probably feeding on the same carcass. 
Often there's a couple of eagles perched on the cabled 'Eik' tree next to the booking office at Jamie's Whaling Station where I work and book from.
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